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jeff stokes   Transforming heart, soul, and mind
"In preparation for our fall ministry campaign, we looked at a variety of resources for use with our congregation. We selected Generosity based on its approach to reach the heart of the matter for believers: transformation of their heart, soul, and mind.... We are excited to see how God will move through our people toward a more generous lifestyle." – Jeff Stokes, Executive Pastor, Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, KS
charles stone   Succinct, Biblical, and motivational
"Our church planned a four-week stewardship thrust in the middle of the economic downturn. I wanted something that our people could read, something succinct, Biblical, and motivational. The Generosity devotional fit the bill! Several hundred of our folks read it and I'm convinced it has helped us stay close to budget during very trying economic times." – Charles Stone, Senior Pastor, Ginger Creek Community Church, Aurora, IL
scott ridout   A journey of reflection on Biblical truth
"Generosity is not an idea, hope, or is a choice, it is a direction, it is lifestyle. Our God is a generous God, and our goal as believers is to become like Him. The Generosity devotional takes us on a journey of reflection on biblical truth, godly counsel, and stories of life change that move us to become more like Christ. While many people in this world follow their heart, the point is to lead it in direction of conforming to Christ. Use this tool to lead your heart on this journey of generosity." – Scott Ridout, Lead Pastor, Sun Valley Community Church, Phoenix, AZ
doug ferguson   A new approach with a focus on God's generosity
"In January, I was looking for an opportunity to take our people deeper in their understanding of Biblical generosity. But I wanted a new approach. And Generosity helped me frame this topic with a focus on God's generosity to us first and our response to it. We gave a copy of the book to every member, I preached a four-week sermon series on it, and we had a number of small groups that used it to stimulate discussion on what it means to truly live a generous life." – Doug Ferguson, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX
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