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GenerousChurch equips leaders in churches to unleash whole-life generous disciples.  Generosity in Scripture has a much more robust meaning than simply giving money.  It is much richer and deeper than we often think and an important key to spiritual formation.  Through leadership development, products and resources, coaching events, and other innovative tools, we help church leaders dig deep into the value of whole-life generosity.  And through our process, we help these leaders bring new vitality to the church by unleashing generous disciples.  

Whole-life generosity is an overflowing way of being and living rooted in a vibrant relationship with God that gratefully releases all in love to bless others.  It's what God does and it's how we want to live.

We are happy to partner with these other ministry alliances:

  National Christian Foundation
National Christian Foundation (NCF) is America’s largest donor-advised fund focused on the unique goals of Christian givers. As the 19th largest charity in the country, NCF helps Christians give more by providing innovative charitable solutions and expertise. Through their home office in Atlanta, GA, and national network of Affiliates, NCF has granted more than $3.5 billion since 1982 to thousands of churches, ministries, and nonprofits. When it comes to maximizing charitable gifts for Kingdom impact, the nation’s most generous givers, professional advisors, private foundations, churches, and nonprofit leaders trust NCF ...
  The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.
The Maclellan Foundation, Inc. is the largest of the Maclellan Family Foundations, as well as the oldest. Incorporated in June of 1945 by Robert J. Maclellan, his son Robert L. Maclellan, and his sister Dora Maclellan Brown, the Maclellan Foundation, Inc. has served the evangelical and Chattanooga communities for over sixty years. With a heart to invest in evangelical faith-based solutions throughout the world and to encourage wise giving among Kingdom Investors, the Maclellan Foundation, Inc. partners with many ministries worldwide ...
  Generous Giving
Generous Giving is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to spread the biblical message of generosity and grow generous givers among those entrusted with much. The Maclellan Foundation, a recognized leader in Christian grant making for more than 50 years, launched Generous Giving in 2000. Privately funded, Generous Giving does not solicit donations, permit solicitation at its events, or award grants. But Generous Giving is more than an effective organization; it is the manifestation of the passion and compassion of many dedicated individuals who work together to create a safe, inspiring, and enlightening environment in which Christians can learn more about the joys of generosity, free from pressures about where to give or how much to give. Generous Giving works to affect transformation in the hearts and minds of God's people with the goal of creating revolutionary generosity ...

Contact GenerousChurch at 601.707.5551
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Why we exist

Our mission: We exist to equip leaders in churches to unleash whole-life generous disciples.

Our vision: A Church full of people overflowing with care for others in all they know, feel and do.

Our team

GenerousChurch is led by a team of passionate generosity evangelists ... learn more

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