Generous Church

NAME Sports Movement: Inside-Out Generosity

Designing generosity training for the Middle East Emad leads NAME Sports Movement based in Cairo, Egypt. NAME reaches people with the gospel through sports and games. Recently, Emad and his team became determined to inspire generosity in their leaders. The team believed that, at its core, generosity begins with discipleship. So the team at GenerousChurch

NABLA Initiative and GTP: Serving Together for Generosity

Back in November 2018, I was introduced to Adel Azmy, Managing Director of NABLA. He invited me to share a GenerousChurch curriculum for growing local generosity in Egypt. Up until that point, our work was focused on equipping church workers to unleash generous disciples in the USA, and honestly, after 17 years of effort in

The Early Church: A Community of Generosity

Tim Keller says that the announcement of Jesus’ resurrection resulted in the early church becoming “a city within a city—of love and service, not power and exploitation.” For those looking in from the outside, the early Christians in Jerusalem would have appeared very odd. Why? While the 1st century world did not practice possessive individualism,

LeaderSource: Shaping a Culture of Generosity

It all started with a conversation. Malcolm Webber, the founder of LeaderSource ‒ a global leader development organization ‒ and Patrick Johnson, the founder of GenerousChurch, connected by Zoom for an introductory call. As Patrick described the vision for unleashing generous disciples through transformational training, Malcolm stopped him and made a statement that would alter