Leaders Learn About Whole-Life Generosity in Cambodia

March 20, 2020

Earlier this year, Patrick Johnson and Ray Zuercher traveled to southeast Asia just ahead of what would become the Coronavirus pandemic. They were invited by LeaderSource, an international church leadership network, to attend their conference in Cambodia as trainers.

The goal was to train international leaders in discipleship related to Biblical generosity. LeaderSource had 40 leaders from 20 different countries in attendance.


The training went well and was widely received. More importantly, GenerousChurch made strong connections with church planters from Africa and Asia. Within the last 30 days we’ve heard from some of these network leaders, and they’re indicating the effectiveness of teaching Biblical, whole-life generosity.

This message translates well into all cultures because it’s based on Scripture and the life Jesus calls his followers to lead – lives overflowing with generosity to others for the sake of the Gospel.
GenerousChurch believes the Gospel changes everything. When people trust Jesus, discipleship becomes critical to their spiritual maturity. Biblical generosity is a huge part of being a disciple of Jesus. And, we use the biblical model of community as we train and disciple pastors and ministry leaders. 

The Overflow Experience in Action

One of the teaching and training modules that we use globally is the Overflow Experience -- a casual, interactive retreat with no lectures, break-outs or brainstorming sessions. These retreats are discussion-based around inspiring real-life stories and Scripture. 

We also host this retreat experience in churches across the U.S. Contact Us to learn more about hosting your own local event.

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