Gospel Economics as a Kingdom Expansion Strategy - Read and Watch

September 6, 2019

You’ve probably heard the saying that “It takes money to make money.” What if the conventional wisdom of our culture is different from the reality of God’s kingdom? In other words, is there such a thing as gospel economics? Let’s consider two aspects.

The Aspect of Grace

Pastor Jeff Manion expresses a captivation by God’s grace seizing our discipline of consistent, faithful giving. Watch what he says in this clip –

In essence, our generosity should reflect our experience and knowledge of God’s grace. 

The Aspect of Self-Giving

Also, as Jeff explains, Paul says that self-giving is also a Kingdom-focused aspect of gospel economics. In 2 Corinthians 8, he is trying to motivate the church at Corinth to give generously to the Christian brothers and sisters in Jerusalem who need famine relief. To motivate them, he cites two examples: the churches in Macedonia (8:1-7) and Jesus Christ (8:8-9).

In using the example of the Macedonian churches, Paul wants the Corinthians to see that generosity is doable and it really works. In using the example of Jesus Christ, Paul frames the big story of the gospel in economic terms. The true and compelling model of generosity is the self-giving of Jesus Christ:

"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich." - 2 Corinthians 8:9 [Tweet This]

He was rich in that he shared in all the fullness of the glorious, eternal attributes of God. All things were made by him and for him (Col 1:15-16). But Jesus willingly became poor. He willingly entered human history, risking mistreatment, suffering and death. Why? So that you through his poverty might become rich.

"Instead of the maxim 'It takes money to make money,' Paul’s gospel economics tell us that self-giving is the way to generate wealth and well-being for others." [Tweet This]

Paul’s appeal to practice generosity is grounded in the self-giving generosity of Jesus Christ.

Embracing the Motivation

As we realize and experience God’s generous grace in Jesus’ self-giving sacrifice for us, it should motivate us to practice the same toward others. In the words of Jeff Manion, those of us captured by the grace of God should seize the discipline of consistent, faithful giving.

This is gospel economics! GC

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Gospel Economics: Beyond Giving to a Way of Living

"I have never been in a meeting, even in this church with people who have known each other for decades, where people became so real and transparent with each other as they did during this time.” - Rodney Schell, Executive Pastor, Park Cities Baptist

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