GenerousChurch Global Outreach Update

February 4, 2020

Recently, GenerousChurch has been given two opportunities to share the freedom of whole-life generosity with fellow believers across the world. Here’s an update.

Liberia, West Africa

Recently, GenerousChurch staff members spent 10 days living and serving in a remote part of Liberia, West Africa. Whether it’s travelling globally or across the room where you live and work each day, the message of Biblical, whole-life generosity is a lifestyle we personally practice.

Generosity doesn’t have to cross an ocean. But we were grateful for this opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ in a faraway place.

Alexandria, Egypt  

Our Founder, Patrick Johnson, invested several days training church leaders in Alexandria, Egypt. This was another global opportunity to teach and train on whole-life generosity.

There is nothing better than helping church and ministry leaders inspire their people to be rich in generosity and biblical truth.


Please pray for the GenerousChurch team as they travel to Cambodia during the month of February to encourage and train there.

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