Three Gaps to Whole-Life Generosity

November 5, 2018

>>>Be sure and watch this month's video clip below from Patrick Johnson on this blog topic.<<<

What’s holding most believers from living in whole-life generosity as an everyday lifestyle? I ask that question regularly in a survey that GenerousChurch conducts in the churches we serve. We want to know their perspectives as well as their actions when it comes to whole-life generosity:

What do they know? What do they feel? and, most importantly, What do they do?

For the most part we see that people in churches that faithfully teach the Word of God have a high perspective on whole-life generosity. But we also find that something is missing—the action component. Substantial gaps exist between their knowledge of generosity and their practice of generosity.

Three of these “generosity gaps” in particular are holding people back from living lives as “all in” disciples of Jesus –

Gap #1 – Fear

The number one gap is fear. I remember Andy Stanley telling me that he thinks most people aren't greedy—they're afraid.

In today’s culture, we find ourselves inundated with narratives of scarcity and fear. No wonder people hesitate and pull back when the opportunity to do what they know presents itself. I think people are just afraid, and I believe that this fear hinders them from living out whole-life generosity in a major way.

Gap #2 – Temporal Mindset

The second gap is what I call a temporal mindset. Randy Alcorn says the greatest obstacle to generosity is that we live under the illusion that this earth is our home.

And once we get this temporal, myopic mindset, it becomes easy to lose sight of eternity. We lose sight of the kingdom. We lose sight of all the awesome things that are to come because we are so focused on the here and now.

Gap #3 – Lack of Intentionality

The third gap I want to point out is lack of intentionality.

"Gordon and Martin MacDonald really highlighted this for me: 'We can go days and weeks and months and not think about generosity at all.'" [Tweet This]  

It's so easy just to go with the cultural flow and not give generosity a second thought. But imagine what would happen if every day, when we woke up and our feet hit the ground, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was, “How can I be a generous blessing to those around me today?”

Closing the Gaps

"So these are the three 'generosity gaps' that hinder our walking fully in whole-life generosity: fear, a temporal mindset, and the lack of intentionality." [Tweet This 

Let me pose this question to you as church leaders: If generosity's not about fundraising, if it's about unleashing generous disciples, what are you doing intentionally and consistently to close these three gaps?

At GenerousChurch we're helping leaders just like you close the gaps and create cultures of whole-life generosity by facilitating the Five Seasons of Generosity MasterClass in churches all over the country. I encourage you to visit our website today for more information.


Watch This Month's Clip 

In this clip, Patrick Johnson shares his latest thoughts on the 3 gaps to whole-life generosity, how to recognize them,  and how to grow past them. 

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