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December 11, 2019

Question: When you think of someone who exemplifies generosity, does God come to mind? If so, in what ways do you see God as generous?

In this clip: Author Lysa TerKeurst shares a part of her growth in Christ that came through a funny and meaningful family experience of learning to give generously to Jesus one Christmas. 

Question: In her story, Lysa connects generosity to learning how to trust Jesus. From your own perspective, are these connected? If so, in what way?


In the video clip, Lysa says “We’re all on a continuum of a relationship with God.” In other words, no one ever arrives at a place in this life where change, growth and transformation are accomplished once for all.

Paul expresses this in Philippians 3:12 when he says, “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.”

To be a follower of Christ is to be growing in relationship to Christ which is intended to impact the way we live. [Tweet This]

And all followers of Jesus are at different places on the continuum of a relationship with God.

Three Phases of Growth

Lysa’s journey into generosity reflects three phases of her growing relationship with God. The first phase was “I need you God. I can’t do life without you.” The second phase was “I trust you God.” It was in this second phase that the idea of giving a gift to Jesus at Christmas emerged. Each of the family members placed a “gift of the heart to Jesus” in a box on their table. While Lysa had decided that hers was “not yelling at the kids for a year,” her husband was the first family member to reveal his gift to Jesus. His gift was to look for one person each day to whom he would give a little of his time, attention, encouragement or money so that 365 people’s lives would be touched for Jesus in the coming year. When compared to her “gift to Jesus”, Lysa quickly followed by responding “Me too!” She would follow her husband’s lead!

It was this challenge that became a catalyst for real growth in her relationship to God. It became a year of learning to trust Jesus—because it involved letting God be God and trusting him to bring people to her each day so that she could show them God’s generous love. This new season become one of moving from “I need you God” to “I trust you God.” It was the challenge of living a generous life that heightened the need to trust God and the realization that God welcomes our trust. It’s when we trust him more fully that he delights in showing his faithful presence, abundant life and generous love.

This growing relationship with God brought Lysa to the third phase of “God is everything I want.” God wants us to grow into this place where we relate to him, not simply because we sense we need him, but rather because we delight in him above everything else in life.

Paul reflects this in Philippians 3:8 where he says, “Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”

Paul says there is nothing in life that can compare to personally knowing Christ Jesus as Lord. [Tweet This

Getting into the Flow

A lifestyle of sustained and tangible generosity manifested toward people whom God places in our lives and spheres of influence is not something that depends on our effort or disciplined willpower. It flows from a growing relationship of trust in God.

As we move into that posture of trust, God shows up in surprising ways to gift us with significant relationships. It’s there in the lives of those people that God wants to use our trust and generosity to bless the world.  

May we all live and lead our churches to grow in these three phases together to exponentially generosity in our communities.

Follow up questions: 

  • Have you experienced giving generously to God and Him overwhelming you with a good gift in return? 
  • The gifts God knows we need most are relational, deep inner healing, or growth opportunities. How has God loved you by giving you the gifts you need this year? How can you share the gift of relationship, healing or growth with people in your life in this season?

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Setting Aside Time for Reflection and Renewal 

Take 28 days to explore God’s heart, example, and principles of generosity as a personal or group experience. It’s likely that your perspectives and practices on generosity will change—so that you give more, give joyfully and give gratefully.

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