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What is a Generosity Campaign?
Generosity campaigns will help you infuse a practical and inspirational message of Biblical generosity in your church.  These campaigns are flexible and can be used to train either your entire church or a strategically selected group.  They provide materials to help you: preach powerfully on generosity, teach Biblical generosity in small groups and encourage spiritual growth for your entire church through creative generosity endeavors.  The campaigns generally last 4-5 weeks and they make up the third phase of "unleashing generous disciples."

To see the full pathway for unleashing generous disciples, click here.

Campaign Resources

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The Genius of Generosity, by Chip Ingram, is a short book that demonstrates God's ownership of all things and looks at real-world generosity from the heart of a pastor.

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Overflow: A Life Refreshed by Generosity, is a versatile, six-session story-based personal or group study to inspire Whole-Life Generosity.





Generosity is a four week children's study that can be integrated with other GenerousChurch resources to rally your entire church around the Biblical message of generosity. 



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