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From casual small groups to structured Sunday school classes to stewardship sermon series, churches are using the devotional in powerful, creative ways to change their mindset about whole-life generosity. Organizations also use it as a special donor gift or premium.

What Others Are Saying 

Take 4 Weeks to Explore God's Heart and Example of Generosity 

Living with God. Living with Gratitude. Living with Faith. Living with Generosity.

These elements form the lifestyle of Whole-Life Generosity which is defined as “an overflowing life released to God for others.” Take 28 days to explore God’s heart, example, and principles of generosity as a personal or group experience. It’s likely that your perspectives and practices on generosity will change—so that you give more, give joyfully and give gratefully.

Here’s what Rick Carder, Evangelism Financial Coordinator at The Hills Church said about the devotional – “Just wanted you to know I’m thankful for GenerousChurch. I’m really enjoying the devotional, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever read.”

About the Author 

SKYE JETHANI is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He also serves as the co-host of the popular Phil Vischer Podcast, a weekly show than blends astute cultural and theological insights with comical conversation. Skye is the president of Measure the Clouds, a non-profit organization helping a post-Christian generation discover a ravishing vision of life with God. He also leads SkyPilot Media which develops multimedia resources for use by churches, colleges, and community groups navigating the intersection of faith and culture.

He has been a sought-after consultant for groups facing challenges at the intersection of faith and culture, such as the Lausanne Movement, the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, and the Interfaith Youth Core. He has authored five books and numerous ebooks, and he writes an email-based daily devotional for the smartphone generation called With God Daily. He lives with his wife, Amanda, and their three children in Wheaton, Illinois.
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