Generous Church

The Whole-Life Generosity Devotional

28 days to discover the joy, freedom, and purpose of the generous life.

Living with God. Living with Gratitude. Living with Faith. Living with Generosity.

These elements form the lifestyle of Whole-Life Generosity which is defined as “an overflowing life released to God for others.” Over 28 days, the Whole Life Generosity Devotional unpacks God’s heart, example and principles of generosity as a personal or group experience. It’s likely your perspectives and practices on generosity will expand to your whole life – so that you give more, give joyfully and give gratefully.

About the author

Skye Jethani

Skye Jethani is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He is the president of Measure the Clouds, a non-profit organization helping a post-Christian generation discover a ravishing vision of life with God. He lives with his wife, Amanda, and their three children in Illinois.

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