The Way of Generosity: Receiving Hope and Giving Hope

July 14, 2020
An interview with Danny Stokes of Crosstimbers Church. Recently, GenerousChurch writer, Lou Huesmann, interviewed Pastor Danny Stokes, Pastor at Crosstimbers Church in Argyle, Texas, about their “out of the box” thinking on ministry outreach and whole-life generosity during the pandemic. Watch this long-form interview and hear how they have tried to follow the Lord’s direction and pivot to new ways of ... read full post

Can We Find Freedom in a Pandemic?

by Patrick Johnson  |  May 21, 2020
God often uses crisis to awaken the hearts of church leaders to the essentials of life and ministry. In this case COVID has stripped ministry of facilities, physical connection and finances and forced us to move beyond our preferences and programs to our mission and motives. If you think about it, God has given us the opportunity to free our thinking and discover new pathways to advance in many areas, but perhaps ... read full post

8 Ways to Pray in Troubling Times

by James Harvey  |  April 28, 2020
This was one of the most troubling and discouraging times of my ministry career that I will never forget. I was a church planter in Tennessee working hard to reach the lost and start new groups. I went into the office for my annual review with my supervisor, and he had written “FAILURE” in giant red marker over every page of my report. Then, he gave me the impossible assignment of planting three new ... read full post

How to Live Generously in a World Under Siege

April 14, 2020
By now, everyone is feeling the impact of a global pandemic. Fear has become a daily reality as we are confronted with two main threats: (1) the straightforward threat of infection and the possible death of ourselves or someone we love, and (2) the threat of scarcity that triggers resource-based anxiety (which leads to hoarding). When faced with real threats like these, it can be a simple reflex to want to protect ... read full post

22 Ways to Live Whole-Life Generosity During Tough Times

April 1, 2020
Whole-Life generosity is needed more during times of struggle than in times of surplus. Here is a list of 22 simple yet impactful ways that you can encourage people in your church to practice generosity to those right around them. Practice gratitude: In other words, refuse to be a complainer. Instead, look for the positive and then share it with others. Rather than contacting the complaint department whenever ... read full post

Leaders Learn About Whole-Life Generosity in Cambodia

March 20, 2020
Earlier this year, Patrick Johnson and Ray Zuercher traveled to southeast Asia just ahead of what would become the Coronavirus pandemic. They were invited by LeaderSource, an international church leadership network, to attend their conference in Cambodia as trainers. The goal was to train international leaders in discipleship related to Biblical generosity. LeaderSource had 40 leaders from 20 different countries in ... read full post

The Generosity Tension Between Obedience and the Heart

March 9, 2020
Question: Do you feel a tension between responding to God out of obedience and responding to God out of love? If so, describe where it emerges in your life experience. In this clip: Daniel Grothe, Friday Night Lead Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, shares the contrast between giving in obedience at the expense of giving with the heart. Question: What is the connection between giving out of obedience ... read full post

GenerousChurch Global Outreach Update

February 4, 2020
Recently, GenerousChurch has been given two opportunities to share the freedom of whole-life generosity with fellow believers across the world. Here’s an update. Liberia, West Africa Recently, GenerousChurch staff members spent 10 days living and serving in a remote part of Liberia, West Africa. Whether it’s travelling globally or across the room where you live and work each day, the message of Biblical, ... read full post

The Paradox of Generosity in our Brokenness

February 4, 2020
Question: How has your generosity been thwarted in the past by the belief that you're too broken to be used by God? In this clip: Elisa Morgan of M.O.P.S. reminds us that God uses broken vessels as part of His infinite generosity, and we are no different. Question: What scars are you carrying today that could be used by God to bless someone else in their brokenness? ----------------------------------A 2017 survey ... read full post

Provoking Provocative Questions with our Generosity

January 6, 2020
Question: How are you interacting with "new people" in your world, living in ways that align with the gospel and provoke questions from those who don't know Jesus? In this clip: Pastor Jon Tyson asks us what would happen if we had a provocative vision to generously share our lives. Question: As we begin 2020, what decisions can you make to live a provocatively generous ... read full post
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