Trusting Jesus with Your Generosity - Read and Watch

December 11, 2019
Question: When you think of someone who exemplifies generosity, does God come to mind? If so, in what ways do you see God as generous? In this clip: Author Lysa TerKeurst shares a part of her growth in Christ that came through a funny and meaningful family experience of learning to give generously to Jesus one Christmas. Question: In her story, Lysa connects generosity to learning how to trust Jesus. From your ... read full post

How to Embrace the Daily Adventure of Generosity

November 26, 2019
Question: When you hear the word “mission” used, what comes to mind for you? Being a missionary in another land? Serving God in some difficult context? Doing something for Jesus that’s uncomfortable? Watch this video clip of John Ortberg as he offers a definition of “mission” and unpacks its relevance to our lives today. Question: What is your response to John Ortberg defining ... read full post

Our Generosity Checklist for Relational Discipleship

October 21, 2019
Question: When Christians use the word “discipleship”, what is it often referring to? Church programs? A list of things to do? Watch Pastor Albert Tate speak about the difference between a transactional and a relational approach to discipleship: Question: What has been your own experience of discipleship? Has it been more transactional or relational? In the video, Albert uses his shopping experiences ... read full post

Gospel Economics as a Kingdom Expansion Strategy - Read and Watch

September 6, 2019
You’ve probably heard the saying that “It takes money to make money.” What if the conventional wisdom of our culture is different from the reality of God’s kingdom? In other words, is there such a thing as gospel economics? Let’s consider two aspects. The Aspect of Grace Pastor Jeff Manion expresses a captivation by God’s grace seizing our discipline of consistent, faithful giving. ... read full post

Countercultural Church Generosity in Today’s Culture - Read and Watch

August 7, 2019
Question: When people think of the church today, what often comes to mind? Watch Tim Keller speak about the countercultural nature of the early church in Acts 2 and 4.Tim Keller says that the announcement of Jesus’ resurrection resulted in the early church becoming “a city within a city—of love and service, not power and exploitation.” Question: How might love and service be countercultural in ... read full post

The Gospel, Generosity and the Blank Check - Read and Watch

July 10, 2019
>>>Be sure and watch this month's video clip below from David Platt on this blog topic.<<< In Isaiah Chapter 6, we have the account of God’s search for someone willing to take a message to His people. What I find so intriguing is Isaiah’s immediate, definite, no-hesitation response: “Here am I. Send me!” What was it that made Isaiah so eager for the assignment? Why no signs of ... read full post

How to Lead with the Generous Act of Inclusion

June 17, 2019
>>>Be sure and watch this month's video clip below from Nancy Ortberg on this blog topic.<<< What kind of leader was Jesus when He walked on this earth? In our Western culture, many of us picture an effective leader as someone who is strong, bold and highly skilled. The leaders we tend to praise are those who start big things that have big impacts. Jesus Is Our Example Yet, as we look at the ... read full post

A Generosity Disconnect - Read and Watch

May 13, 2019
>>>Be sure and watch this month's video clip below from Pastor Brian Loritts on this blog topic.<<< As part of our ongoing mission to help Christians understand more fully what it means to walk in whole-life generosity, GenerousChurch has surveyed over 6,000 givers regarding how they view and practice biblical generosity. Here’s one question we ask them: “Thinking back over the past ... read full post

The Generosity Practices of Christian Sand Castle Builders

by Patrick Johnson  |  April 9, 2019
>>>Be sure and watch this month's video clip below from Patrick Johnson on this blog topic.<<< In Matthew Chapter 7, Jesus said that when we hear His words but don't put them into practice, it's like we're building our houses on sand. As someone who studies generosity practices, I can tell you that among western Christians, particularly in churches in the United States, I see a lot of expert ... read full post

The Greatest Threat to Western Christianity

by Patrick Johnson  |  March 1, 2019
>>>Be sure and watch this month's video clip below from Patrick Johnson on this blog topic.<<<I’ve been reading a book by Australian pastor Mark Sayers, and this question is asked: What's the greatest threat to Christianity in the West today? Mark’s answer to the question is surprising. Instead of “institutionalization,” which is a common lament in church growth circles, he says ... read full post
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