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3 tools of the generosity church campaign during Lent

For Members: Devotional

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Give every member in your church a Generosity devotional by Gordan MacDonald to help them understand and live out the generous life. 

This 4 week devotional uses daily Scripture reading, commentary and reflection questions, stories of real people giving generously, “forward thinking” key generosity ideas and chapter ending reflection questions that can be used for family or group discussion.   And they are available for only $6 or less per book!


For Pastors: Preaching Tools

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Watch videos by Gordon MacDonald on generosity preaching themes to help you prepare Sunday messages that reinforce the book. 

These free videos by Gordon will help guide your thinking as your prepare messages on generosity during the Lent season.  These videos go beyond giving money – they delve into generous living of all God has entrusted to us, how the early Christian church spread through acts of generosity, how we are most like God when we give and other generosity themes.

For Teachers: Teaching Helps
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Use these online outlines and videos to assist your life group and Sunday school leaders in teaching generosity and facilitating eye-opening discussion. 

These free PDF downloads and videos will assist other teachers in your church in taking people through the devotional in a group setting.   We will provide outlines, discussion questions and videos that can be arranged to fit any time frame.  Generosity is best learned in community and these tools will facilitate this learning. 

Over 60,000 Generosity Devotionals have been used to teach people the joy of living generously
(read reviews from other church leaders). Ash Wednesday is on March 9, 2011, so if you want to 
distribute the books the Sunday before (March 6), place your order by February 24 at:  
To Order - click here now. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the free preaching videos and teaching PDFs? 

After you place your order for the Generosity devotional, you will receive two emails:

1. Immediately -  a confirmation/receipt email for your book purchase. 

2. Within 24 hours - a video/PDF email with a link to access the videos and PDFs. 

What if our budget is tight? 

It is ideal to get a Generosity devotional into the hands of every family in your church as a part of this campaign.  How do churches do this? 

  • The church pays for the book and gives it to each member – remember only $6.00 per book. 
  • Each member pays for a book. $6.00 = the price of a fast food lunch!
  • The church pays a portion and the member pays a portion.  For example, the church will pay $3.00 and each member will pay $3.00. 

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