The GenerousChurch Library is an online resource for both church leaders and members that's designed to help you grow in your knowledge and appreciation of generosity and stewardship. 

This Library was originally developed by Generous Giving, a nonprofit organization whose mission is "to spread the Biblical message of generosity and grow generous givers among those entrusted with much." We thank Generous Giving greatly for allowing us to share the following content with you:

  • Bible verses – The Bible has over 2,000 verses that provide wisdom on how to deal with money, and many of them are specifically about giving and stewardship. 

  • Questions – Is money the root of all evil? Does the tithe apply today? Are we required to give to anyone who asks? Explore these questions and many more.

  • Quotations – From Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie to Billy Graham and Truett Cathy, many thought-provoking and memorable quotes have been spoken about generous giving. 

  • Sermon Illustrations – This collection of illustrations on stewardship and generosity will help pastors and teachers move, challenge, and entertain audiences in powerful ways.
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