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Are you sick and tired of fundraising?  

Most pastors and church leaders didn’t get into ministry to do fundraising. They have a passion for growing people and making an impact. Yet the pressure of finances often push us to do things that don’t feel authentic to who we are as church leaders.

Create a culture of generosity without fundraising

Learn a new, natural way to grow generosity.

We will work with your team to develop an effective generosity roadmap over 6 weeks to confidently bring the power of whole-life generosity into your congregation. The plan is designed to unleash generous disciples, infuse generosity in your church and increase your impact over time.


Here's just one testimony from Pastor Jon Elswick on his 5 Generosity Seasons MasterClass experience: 

This is what you will learn and do over 6 weeks through the MasterClass:

  • Work with us to develop a customized generosity roadmap for your church to grow whole-life generosity year round based on the 5 Generosity Seasons model.
  • We will start by building your leadership confidence to grow generosity with hands on training, content and experiences.
  • You will learn how to lead generosity in a way that feels natural and authentic to your culture.
  • We will provide you with tangible ideas, templates and tools for each of the 5 Seasons from our work with churches who are unleashing generosity.
  • We have developed simple ways to measure the impact in your church during each season.
  • Patrick and our team will walk with you the entire six weeks as you develop your roadmap. 


Reserve your seat at a regional class, or request your own individual class!

The 5 Generosity Seasons MasterClass Format

First 6 weeks - develop the roadmap

  • 2 live video calls with your coach
  • 4 video modules to go through with your team
  • Unlimited email and phone support

Next 12 months - execute the roadmap

  • One group video call prior with other churches throughout the year before each season
  • Unlimited email and phone support

MasterClass Investment

The MasterClass is $1,900 total per church. Up to 5 leaders in your church can participate for this one fee.

It is our desire that cost never be a hindrance to those wishing to enjoy our resources. If you would like to check if scholarship or reduced cost options are available, please contact us to inquire.

The 5 Generosity Seasons Masterclass Leaders


Mike Bickley, Pastor
Olathe Bible Church
Sharon Epps, Founder
Women Doing Well
Patrick Johnson, Founder
Danny Stokes, Exec Pastor
Cross Timbers Church
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