The Power of Intentional Generosity

by tony-steward  |  September 7, 2012

You can embrace oridnary, everyday discipleship through this one simple practice...
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Wow, this is powerful and True! I saw a post on facebook a few days ago that said 'There is no big things only little things done in love'! :) This should be our attitude as disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, especially since this kind of intentional living is a 'discipline' and if we are not disciplined by our Father in Heaven, than how can we Truly consider ourselves 'disciples'? As for me I like to see a need and meet it however I can, I can't exactly give someone $10 all the time when I have no job, but I love to bake and cook so many times, I purposely make way more than my wife and I can eat so I can give the food away to others in need. Also my wife and I are majorly trying to reduce on clutter in our apartment, so we are donating a huge amount of the stuff that we just don't have room for, such as clothes, shoes, toys and any thing else that is cluttering up our apartment but that will be a treasure to someone else who needs it. :) Everyday I find more ways to give out of all that the Lord have blessed me with. :)
Pastor Jeremy Hicks
April 20, 2013 - 04:20:04 PM
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