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About the Overflow Experience

The Overflow Experience (OE) is a transformational overnight retreat for leaders and their spouses to begin the reset process around Biblical generosity. It's designed as an interactive experience incorporating videos, reflection, and discussion with meals included.

Provided below are the main ingredients, a checklist for the host/administrator, and some sample invitation wording. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Cindy at 601.707.5551 or

The Main Ingredients

  • When: We recommend a Friday evening and Saturday morning. The typical schedule is Friday 5 to 9 pm and Saturday 7:30 to 11:30 am but is adjustable to your culture.
  • Who: 16 people total including one trained GenerousChurch facilitator. We encourage people to attend WITH SPOUSES. For Church Leadership OEs we recommend: Senior Pastor, Exec Pastor/Pastoral Leadership Team, Chair of governing board, Generosity champion and up to 5 key lay leaders with spouses (max 12-15 people per OE facilitator).
  • Facilitator: The Overflow Experiences are led by GenerousChurch trained facilitators. Contact GC to find out who has been trained in your area or to inquire about the facilitator training process.
  • Where: There are two ways churches pick a venue. The best is to go offsite and have an overnight experience. This is effective in getting people out of their normal routines and focused on a topic. An alternative is to hold it at the church in an intimate atmosphere and have people go to back home overnight. 
  • What is needed:
    • AV Capabilities for Videos playback:
      • projection screen or display no smaller than 27"
      • audio speakers/system that can connect to laptop or video display sufficient for playback to entire room
    • Hand-held mic or lavaliere if held in large room and more than 15-20 people
    • Whiteboard or flip chart & marker (1 per group of 12 – 15)
    • Dinner and Continental Breakfast, Light Snacks, Drinks
    • Pens/Pencils and OE Spiral Bound Guides (shipped 10 days prior to host)

Host/Facilitator Checklist

  • Identify date(s) for the retreat and confirm with your group.
  • Identify date for OE and request a trained GenerousChurch Facilitator at least one month in advance. Facilitators are volunteers, but we may ask you to cover their travel expenses. Order Supplies no later than 10 days before the event date. See supplies list below. 
  • Create your invitation list (12-15 leaders and their spouses – we may have facilitators available if needed).
  • Identify person to oversee invitation and RSVP process.
  • Send out invitations 4-6 weeks prior to event.
  • Identify location of OE (invitations often say “TBD”).
  • Plan/order meals.
  • See “What’s needed” list above.
  • As soon as possible, notify GenerousChurch / Cindy Cheeks of:
    • Name of Host and/or Person Responsible for RSVP list
    • Location chosen

Resources and Guides

No later than 10 days before event, please order supplies:

Your OE Leader Guide and Participant Guides

5-pack of Overflow Experience Participant Guides Pack of 16 Overflow Experience Leader/Participant Guides Invitation Sample Wording Form [DOCX]
5-pack of Overflow Experience Participant Guides Pack of 16 Overflow Experience Leader/Participant Guides Invitation Sample Wording Form [DOCX]

Continue the Overflow Experience 

The Overflow Experience isn't finished after the retreat event. To integrate these concepts into daily life, you will continue by reading the Whole Life Generosity Devotional by Skye Jethani and GenerousChurch. After the 30 days of devotionals, come back together over a casual meal to discuss and celebrate what God has done over the few weeks since the Overflow Experience.

Purchase the Whole-Life Generosity Devotional in the Online Store. Group savings packages are available.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Cindy at 601.707.5551 or
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Trish Nelson
"Growing people in whole-life generosity is a profound discipleship ministry. GenerousChurch and their work is helping us change our culture from one of 'giving to fund a budget' to 'giving time, service and resources as an act of worship.'"
- Trish Nelson, Executive Pastor, Christ Church Anglican

Bryan Clark
"We went from struggling to meet budget to celebrating a culture of generosity."
- Bryan Clark, Senior Pastor, Lincoln Berean Church

Greg Ealey
"Seeing the eyes of my leaders opened to discover their potential for generosity was a blessing to me as a pastor."
- Greg Ealey, Campus Pastor, Colonial Presbyterian Church South 
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