Invitation Letters and Emails

We are happy to share samples of invitations others have used to invite their leaders. Click here to Download Templates (this link will open a Microsoft Word document in a new window).

Copy and paste, or simply use them as inspiration for your own unique invitations. Each one has a suggested delivery method and timeframe in orange above the text.

We encourage you to use the most effective invitation methods for your culture. Use of multiple communication formats can reinforce the importance of the retreat, encourage attendance and prompt RSVPs.

Extending a timely first invitation is an important step for a successful retreat. The first save-the-date or invitation needs to be sent a minimum of four weeks prior to the retreat. NOTE: One of the most important things to include in each invitation is a clear way to RSVP and a deadline by which to respond.

Your organization’s communication system likely has RSVP tools built-in. If not, Evite, Eventbrite and other free online apps are available.

Download the invitation sample templates.

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