What to Expect during an Overflow Experience

Expect the schedule to be relaxed, the environment to be comfortable and the content to be compelling.

Although the retreat is brief, participants frequently comment on how spiritually significant they found the experience. Retreat content is largely conversational as participants discuss several interesting stories on video and Scripture passages. There are no lectures, break-outs, workshops or brain-storming sessions. Leaders from across the country have benefited and continue to help shape these experiences.

When and Where Overflow Experiences are Held

GenerousChurch facilitates retreats year-round. Specific locations vary widely based upon where we are invited. We’ve worked with churches and ministries across the U.S. and are expanding internationally. Retreats are typically Friday evening and Saturday morning with everyone going home overnight. Exact times can be adjusted. A sample timeframe is below:

Friday Evening

6:00 Dinner at (Location)
9:30 Dismiss (Everyone goes home)

Saturday Morning

8:30 Breakfast at (Location)
Noon Dismiss with Prayer

The Overflow Experience is Designed with Leaders in Mind   

Churches typically invite their pastors, staff, elders, deacons and other key leaders including spouses to attend the retreat. Ministries invite the executive staff, governing board members, key donors and spouses. Groups of 16-18 people are optimum. Needing multiple groups during a retreat weekend is common. To accommodate the need, GenerousChurch schedules additional certified trained facilitators.

Location Options

The most successful retreats take place in homes. This allows participants a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We’ve found that keeping things simple increases involvement and reduces the stress which often accompanies staff retreats. When requested, we facilitate our Overflow Experience at other venues such as hotels or retreat centers.

Facilitation of the Retreat

GenerousChurch will provide a certified trained facilitator for each group of approximately 16 persons. Before, during and after the retreat, our staff and volunteers across the country will be praying for each participant by name. We consider the work and ministry of prayer to be more important than facilitating the retreat.

Staff Support 

More Help

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