Venue Checklist 

This list contains the items needed at the venue. Please ensure the first three criteria are met before securing the location. The remaining items need to be in place the day of the retreat.  

  • Comfortable seating for everyone to see the screen and sit in a semi-circle (16-18 people)

  • Welcoming, cozy atmosphere (think large family room, as opposed to a gym or fellowship hall)

  • Large Screen TV (42”or bigger) with HDMI inputs and adequate audio for the room (test it)

  • Overflow Experience Facilitator Guide (one copy per facilitator)

  • Overflow Experience Participant Guides (one per participant)

  • Whole-Life Generosity Devotional by Skye Jethani (one per participant)

  • Pens for everyone

  • Food, Snacks, Coffee, and other Beverages as desired

  • Send a final list of participants so our team can pray for them during the retreat.  

    Download a .pdf of this checklist. 

Staff Support 

More Help

Click the More Help link, and someone will respond to assist you. 

Return to the main Overflow Experience Support page. 

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