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What if we could enter each day reinvigorated by life's adventure?

God gives us the secret to energy, strength and joy. It's life to the full, receiving the blessings and gifts of God and pouring them into others. It's overflow—a life refreshed by generosity.


Overflow is intentionally designed to be a versatile study that can be used in variety of formats. Here are just a few ways to use it:

  • Personal Study
  • Couples study
  • Family study with older children
  • Small group study at work or church
  • Churchwide study for the entire congregation

Each of the six sessions will include the following elements:

  • Watching Stories
    Video clips are provided to be watched with each session in this guide. You may view them online or purchase the DVD. Watching and then dialoging about the stories is a key part of this group study experience. Note-taking space is provided for each story in this guide.
  • Scripture Reading & Discussion
    Discussion questions are italicized and usually fall under a "Discuss" heading.
  • Prayer
    Each session will end with a suggested prayer to focus in on the key principles from that session.
  • Homework
    Each session will wrap up with a homework assignment to help apply the principles discussed.


  • Help believers recognize and celebrate the idea of whole-life generosity.
  • Create a sense of community and/or intimacy within a couple, group, or church.
  • Help take churches beyond the idea of generosity beyond giving and stewardship.
  • Encourage greater personal devotion.
  • Help leaders or facilitators prepare for the group meeting and feel confident in their understanding of the material.
  • Use Overflow as a self-study that doesn't require formal training to implement.

Next Steps

  • Download a Sample Session from the Guide.
  • Watch a Sample Session Video.
  • Purchase Overflow for Your Church – Bulk Savings Packages Available.
  • Download an Overflow Experience Summary.

Session Specifications

Session Titles:

  • 1 - The Source of Whole-Life Generosity: A Life Lived in Relationship with God.
  • 2 - God's Plan for Generosity: Not what He wants from us, but what He wants for us.
  • 3 - Inspiration for Whole-Life Generosity: All we have is received with gratitude from God.
  • 4 - A Freeing Faith: Overcoming the fear of living generously.
  • 5 - Openhanded: All we are is released to God for the blessing of others.
  • 6 - Better Together: Generosity thrives in community.

Available Components:


  • Story and Teaching videos (six sessions)
  • Printed guide for each participant (a Leader Appendix is provided in each guide to help leaders or facilitators with suggestions to inspire insight and discussion in the group.)
  • Flexible for use as a Personal Study, Couples study, Family study with older children, Small group study at work or church or Churchwide study for the entire congregation

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Next Steps

  • Download a Sample Session from the Guide.
  • Watch a Sample Session Video.
  • Purchase Overflow for Your Church – Bulk Savings Packages Available.
  • Download an Overflow Study Summary.
  • Download the free Sermon Series Outlines (see "Available Components")

What Others Are Saying About Generous Church

Trish Nelson

"Growing people in whole-life generosity is a profound discipleship ministry. GenerousChurch and their work is helping us change our culture from one of 'giving to fund a budget' to 'giving time, service and resources as an act of worship.'"
- Trish Nelson, Executive Pastor, Christ Church Anglican

Bryan Clark

"We went from struggling to meet budget to celebrating a culture of generosity."
- Bryan Clark, Senior Pastor, Lincoln Berean Church

Greg Ealey

"Seeing the eyes of my leaders opened to discover their potential for generosity was a blessing to me as a pastor."
- Greg Ealey, Campus Pastor, Colonial Presbyterian Church South 

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