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Preaching Training Video Series
Sign up for the free training video series for preaching on generosity.  You may not initially think that you need specialized training to preach on money, stewardship and generosity, but there is truly an art to preaching on this subject in a way that connects with your congregation.  Through the videos, you will learn things like when to preach on money, how to introduce the sermon and how to choose the right theme for your church.

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Sermon Illustrations
One of the best ways to capture the imaginations of your people and infuse the message of generosity in your church is to share stories of generosity.  Telling personal generosity stories can get weird...we understand.  

While we do encourage pastors to occasionally share their personal generosity stories (it's just like sharing stories of personal prayer - it gives others a model and it shows the value of the action)...we also want to provide you with "newsworthy" illustrations on generosity.

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How to Preach  

How to Preach on Money, Stewardship and Generosity (ePaper)
This free, 6 page ePaper will help you think through the major issues of preaching on money and generosity.  The paper is jumpstarted and framed by a question from Andy Stanley - "When it comes to stewardship and generosity, do your people know what you want for them regarding their finances, or do they just know what you want from them?"

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The UNcampaign (ePaper)
Building off of the "How to Preach" ePaper, The UNcampaign ePaper will challenge you to rethink your preaching strategy for money and generosity.  It looks at some best practices from well known pastors and it includes stimulating challenges that will push you beyond the typical capital campaign preaching ideas. 

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Articles on Preaching
These are some of our more popular blog posts on the subject of preaching...

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