From an Act of Giving to a Way of Living

Let’s face it: Pastors and church leaders are in a precarious situation when it comes to tithing and giving. 

On the one hand, the church needs financial support to function, to answer Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples of all nations” and to spread the Gospel.

On the other hand, preaching about money from the pulpit can be uncomfortable, off-putting and sometimes even downright awkward. 

We’ve heard from passionate, missional-focused pastors who are almost ready to throw in the towel because of the financial stress that goes along with fundraising.

But what if there was a better way to approach the generosity conversation?

- A way to treat the root cause of your church’s funding challenges and not just the symptoms?

- A way that doesn’t involve pressure to run the “church machine” but focuses instead on cultivating a top-down culture of generosity? 

- A way to reframe the conversation from a failure to give the church money to fostering disciples who are generous in all areas of life?

We call this deeper way Whole-Life Generosity. 

Whole-Life Generosity is all about moving from an act of giving to a way of living.




Your Generosity Reset doesn’t end with the eBook… 

To further support you in your Generosity Reset journey, you’re also going to receive a 6-part video series specifically designed to help you build on the principles of Whole-Life Generosity and start incorporating them into every aspect of your church’s messaging on a weekly basis.  

Here’s an overview of the major Generosity Resets we’ll address together over the next 6 weeks: 

#1 - From Fundraising to Disciple-Making
#2 - From Programming Ministry to Making Disciples
#3 - From Inspecting Fruits to Deepening Roots
#4 - From a Linear Outcome to a Virtuous Cycle
#5 - From a Business Owner to a Loving Father
#6 - From Running Campaigns to Changing Culture

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What Others Are Saying About GenerousChurch

Trish Nelson

"Growing people in whole-life generosity is a profound discipleship ministry. GenerousChurch and their work is helping us change our culture from one of 'giving to fund a budget' to 'giving time, service and resources as an act of worship.'"
- Trish Nelson, Executive Pastor, Christ Church Anglican

Bryan Clark

"We went from struggling to meet budget to celebrating a culture of generosity."
- Bryan Clark, Senior Pastor, Lincoln Berean Church

Greg Ealey

"Seeing the eyes of my leaders opened to discover their potential for generosity was a blessing to me as a pastor."
- Greg Ealey, Campus Pastor, Colonial Presbyterian Church South 

Adrien Lewis

"Overflow is anointed. Thank you for fighting the good fight. God is with you."
- Adrien Lewis, The Global Orphan Project

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