Reviews of GenerousChurch

Pastors and church leaders across the country are experiencing GenerousChurch assessments, Encounters, campaigns and much more ... and they've got great things to say. Here are a few stories of impact:

ken williams

  A reliable partner in the journey
"Like most churches in this economic environment, WoodsEdge was looking for a new way to look at stewardship and generosity. We wanted to go beyond just giving to fund the budget. We wanted to raise up generous disciples who impact a hurting world through their lives of generosity. In fact, our corporate vision is to see WoodsEdge giving 50% of our income one day to external Kingdom opportunities. Our work with the GenerousChurch team is helping us move toward that vision. I marvel at the progress we have made in just nine months! And GenerousChurch has been our reliable partner along this journey." – Ken Williams, Executive Pastor, Woodsedge Community Church, Woodsedge, TX
andy stanley
  Bringing the vision, strategies, and tools 
"The GenerousChurch team are partners to churches striving to create cultures of generosity by reaching every steward. Creating culture starts with the leaders, and the team brings the vision, strategies, and tools to equip church leaders for this important yet challenging task." – Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, GA
charles stone   Generosity: succinct, Biblical, and motivational
"Our church planned a four-week stewardship thrust in the middle of the economic downturn. I wanted something that our people could read, something succinct, Biblical, and motivational. The Generosity devotional fit the bill! Several hundred of our folks read it and I'm convinced it has helped us stay close to budget during very trying economic times." – Charles Stone, Senior Pastor, Ginger Creek Community Church, Aurora, IL
todd mullins
  Developing a generous spirit in a world of consumerism
"Making the investment to take our entire staff through a half-day Encounter on living a generous life was a great step in exposing them to what true generosity is and how they can develop a generous spirit in a world of consumerism. They went in a bit reserved about the day not knowing what was coming but finished with an excitement about what a church might look like when all her people live generous lives." – Todd Mullins, Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
roger patterson   God has blessed this team
"Gone are the days when we can say, 'Here is the budget, here is our gap … church, please close the gap.' The GenerousChurch team is working diligently with our team to bring a culture of Generosity to our church family, and their first assignment was to work on me. They seek to tear down the idol of greed that our nation has bowed down to and put God in His proper place in our lives. This is a spiritual endeavor, and God has blessed this team with all the tools necessary to assist church leaders to make disciples who follow Jesus with their finances." – Dr. Roger Patterson, Senior Pastor, West University Baptist & Crosspoint Church, Houston, TX
gunnar johnson
  Gave us skills and confidence
"The mentoring I personally received from the GenerousChurch team over the past years has given me the skills and confidence to build our comprehensive stewardship ministry at Gateway Church." – Gunnar Johnson, Executive Pastor of Financial Stewardship, Gateway Church, Southlake, TX
bryan clark

  Celebrating a culture of generosity
"Our church was clearly struggling in effectively challenging people to be wise stewards of God’s resources – the occasional series of sermons on giving was not adequate to transform our people into generous givers. In our search to develop a culture of generosity, we were introduced to GenerousChurch, and words can't describe how thankful we have been for our relationship with their team. They took a personal interest in us and helped guide us from a church struggling with meeting budget to today celebrating a culture of generosity in so many ways." – Bryan Clark, Senior Pastor, Lincoln Berean Church, Lincoln, NE

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