We help you assess the current generosity temperature of your church. Our 20-question online Generosity Assessment helps you...  

  • Assess the generosity health of the people in your church
  • Assess your current generosity values, barriers, and motivations
  • Develop plans for unleashing greater spiritual maturity through Biblical generosity
  • Assist givers in moving toward Kingdom generosity
  • Assess your leadership and implement the ideas with staff, board, and ministry leaders (optional)
Time investment: 1-2 months

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We help you through a process of leadership development by means of both onsite and phone coaching for staff and lay leaders.

  • Onsite meetings with Leadership groups culminating in a 3 hour Generosity Encounter for approximately 30 leaders
  • Coaching with Senior Pastor to unpack the 3 roles of the Pastor in creating a culture of generosity
  • Coaching on developing metrics for financial and more holistic forms of generosity
  • Coaching on the 9 Generosity Infusion Strategies that provide learning environments beyond the pulpit
Time investment: 3-6 months 

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A generosity Infusion campaign will serve as a short-term catalyst for a long-term values change. 

  • Team of leaders works together to execute a 4-6 week church-wide stewardship and generosity initative 
  • Follows the 9 Generosity Infusion Strategies to best leverage the message across all age and demographic groups
  • Allows for customized learning opportunities for givers based on the "How Generous Are We?" Assessment
  • Follow up meetings after the Infusion to discuss impact and long-term strategies
Time investment: 4-5 weeks

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Leaders Who Are Unleashing With Us

  Bringing the vision, strategies, and tools 
"The GenerousChurch team are partners to churches striving to create cultures of generosity by reaching every steward. Creating culture starts with the leaders, and the team brings the vision, strategies, and tools to equip church leaders for this important yet challenging task." – Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, GA

  Gave us skills and confidence
"The mentoring I personally received from the GenerousChurch team over the past years has given me the skills and confidence to build our comprehensive stewardship ministry at Gateway Church." – Gunnar Johnson, Executive Pastor of Financial Stewardship, Gateway Church, Southlake, TX

  A new approach with a focus on God's generosity
"In January, I was looking for an opportunity to take our people deeper in their understanding of Biblical generosity. But I wanted a new approach. And Generosity helped me frame this topic with a focus on God's generosity to us first and our response to it. We gave a copy of the book to every member, I preached a four-week sermon series on it, and we had a number of small groups that used it to stimulate discussion on what it means to truly live a generous life." – Doug Ferguson, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX
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Could Your Unleashing Be Next?


Idlewild Baptist Church

"Mark Twain once said, 'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.'

As Idlewild Baptist Church began... keep reading


Community Christian Church

"Sing along: 'Ce-le-brate good times, c’mon!...There’s a party goin on right here.  A celebration to last throughout the years…' 

 If you’re too young to actually remember that early 80’s song... keep reading


First Immanuel Lutheran 

"In 2009, holiday shoppers came out in droves to express their love for comfort.  Although some websites called the Snuggie 'the most tacky gift of the Christmas season,' over 4 million buyers proved that comfort is king.  The Associated Press likened the Snuggie to 'a monk's ensemble in fleece,' ... keep reading

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