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Giving is not a Stewardship problem.
It's a Leadership problem.

This single statement launched GenerousChurch into a multiple-year journey to diagnose the church's underlying leadership problems and to find more sustainable remedies.

Stewardship problems are often addressed with a new small group curriculum or sermon series—programming more ministry. A leadership problem is something deeper and more systemic that requires a complete reset.

The Vision of a Generous Church

Our experience has shown that church leaders need to shift their focus from programming more ministry to making generous disciples. We need to discover new approaches that feel both authentic to the leader and bring spiritual growth to the giver.

We envision churches full of people like Jesus overflowing with care and concern for others. Working in communities, we desire to unleash a "generosity reset" in churches from fundraising to disciple-making that results in thousands of vibrant churches and millions of generous acts done in the name of Jesus.

The Results

The Generosity Pathway is step-by-step process that we use to equip church leaders to unleash generous disciples. For those churches in 2016 and 2017 that have been through this process, our surveys indicate that –

Start Your Reset

You’re missional in focus, and giving is more than an offering plate or stewardship campaign—it’s a daily act of living. We want to come alongside you, relieve your stress in this process, and help guide you through the 9 resets that God uses to transform the hearts of His people.

Begin by registering to receive the free Generosity Reset eBook. As part of your registration, you will also receive a six-week email subscription to the Generosity Reset videos, a series of six 3-5 minute videos sent to your inbox to encourage you to take the next steps as a generosity leader.

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Next Steps

What Others Are Saying About GenerousChurch

Trish Nelson

"Growing people in whole-life generosity is a profound discipleship ministry. GenerousChurch and their work is helping us change our culture from one of 'giving to fund a budget' to 'giving time, service and resources as an act of worship.'"
- Trish Nelson, Executive Pastor, Christ Church Anglican

Bryan Clark

"We went from struggling to meet budget to celebrating a culture of generosity."
- Bryan Clark, Senior Pastor, Lincoln Berean Church

Greg Ealey

"Seeing the eyes of my leaders opened to discover their potential for generosity was a blessing to me as a pastor."
- Greg Ealey, Campus Pastor, Colonial Presbyterian Church South 

Adrien Lewis

"Overflow is anointed. Thank you for fighting the good fight. God is with you."
- Adrien Lewis, The Global Orphan Project

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