The Gospel, Generosity and the Blank Check

July 10, 2019

In this brief video, David Platt tells an interesting story that relates to the extravagant generosity of God and how we can trust and extend this generosity to others.

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Please also read the article on this topic - "The Gospel, Generosity and the Blank Check"

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Enjoying Time with Your Church Team 

Using short videos and Scripture, the GenerousChurch team facilitates excellent leadership retreats for pastors, church leaders and their spouses. Since 2003 we’ve seen tremendous results in churches across the country, and they all stem from experiential retreats that we call the Overflow Experience.

It gives church leaders the freedom to reimagine generosity and lead God’s people toward living as Christ intended – overflowing to others just as He did!

Learn More about hosting your own local event.

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