Tim Keller Clip – The Countercultural Church of Early Christianity

August 12, 2019

In this brief video clip, Tim Keller makes the case how the early Church held the distinct countercultural position in their culture, and how the modern Church can do the same.

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Please also read the article on this topic - "Countercultural Church Generosity in Today’s Culture"

Build Your Countercultural Church

"I have never been in a meeting, even in this church with people who have known each other for decades, where people became so real and transparent with each other as they did during this time.” - Rodney Schell, Executive Pastor, Park Cities Baptist

As a next step in building your countercultural church, we recommend the Overflow Experience -- a casual, interactive retreat experience with no lectures, break-outs or brainstorming sessions. Our retreats are discussion-based around inspiring real-life stories and Scripture. Staff or trained volunteers from GenerousChurch facilitate each Overflow Experience. 

And thanks to the generosity of our ministry partners, the retreat is affordable and accessible. 

Learn More about hosting your own local event.

Contact Us with any questions.  

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