Patrick Johnson – “Re-Thinking Generosity and Affluence During a Pandemic”

May 21, 2020

God often uses crisis to awaken the hearts of church leaders to the essentials of life and ministry. In this case COVID has stripped ministry of facilities, physical connection and finances and forced us to move beyond our preferences and programs to our mission and motives.

GenerousChurch President, Patrick Johnson, gives us some food for thought on how we can re-think generosity and western affluence through the lens of our current situation.

Also, read the entire article on this topic - "Can We Find Freedom in the Pandemic?"

Become a GenerousChurch Contender

In Spring 2019, our founder, Patrick Johnson, was nudged by the Holy Spirit toward the essential nature of intentional prayer rhythms to igniting and sustaining generosity movements. And we’ve come to realize how a network of prayer warriors should be a primary focus of our ministry.

GenerousChurch Contenders are a global family of praying, disciple-making leaders who agree to move forward with fasting, worshipping and contending through prayer to ask God to move for Christian stewardship and generosity.

Would you like to join this special group? Please register here, and we’ll personally contact you to share how you can participate in this prayer movement.

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