Ways to use the Generosity devotional

As a pastor or church leader, how would you like to raise the tide of generosity in your church and lead your people to greater spiritual maturity through giving? Generosity was designed to help you do just this.

The book is a fresh approach to teaching about giving. It is designed so that your people understand what God wants FOR them regarding their giving......not what you want FROM them in this area.

Ways churches are using the book:

  • As a church-wide campaign (using the book along with the supporting group materials, graphics and videos).
  • During an annual stewardship series, distribute it as a devotional to reinforce the weekly message.
  • During a capital campaign, give the book to your people and watch them give generously as they reflect on God's generosity.
  • To challenge the church leadership to model a new level of generosity. When leaders are generous, people notice.

Ideas for how to make it happen

  • Buy the book for your members out of your operating fund. It's counter-intuitive, but show an act of generosity to encourage generosity
  • Sell the book to your members. It's the equivalent of one Venti-sized coffee at Starbucks.
  • Consider if a person in your church would underwrite the cost of the books. People with the gift of giving often find joy in helping others give.
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