Generous Church

Generosity Design Lab

The Generosity Design Lab is a process to catalyze the design of customized biblical generosity training for your church or ministry network. GenerousChurch brings generosity content, and your network brings local contextualization.

Why should generosity training be designed by you, for you?

Think of it like this: You know the ‘ready-made’ items are typically faster and can be helpful. But whenever you have the opportunity to have help creating something that is customized and personalized the end results are always superior. When it comes to generosity training, we listen to you and get to know your specific cultural context. Then together we create the right training with you.

The result is a customized generosity training you can immediately spread through your network. We continue working with you to maintain the level of generosity discipleship your network requires.

The Generosity Design Lab Experience

Over two days our team will work with a core group of leaders from your network to design generosity training.

  • DAY 1 – Together we experience the vision of biblical generosity as discipleship. After learning more about your network, we unpack the generosity principles including Scriptures, Bible stories, modern-day stories and activities. We finish the day examining the dynamics of the design process.
  • DAY 2 – We spend the day designing your customized training. Once we identify which groups you will be training, we begin building it. We work together to choose the right elements needed for transformational understanding of generosity training. Finally, we design how you will measure the success of the training.

After the Lab, we will coach you by phone leading up to the delivery of your training. We then celebrate your success afterwards.

Why design customized training?

Unleashes Generous Disciples

As Christians experience the generosity training, they are unleashed in their whole-life generosity to impact the world right around them.

Helps fulfill the Great Commission

Jesus gave us a clear command: to make disciples by teaching them to obey everything He commanded. Our training helps networks teach Jesus’ commands on stewardship and generosity well.

Lessens Western Dependence

As churches and ministries become more generous, they are less dependent on the West for funding their work.

Support the Generosity Design Lab

The networks we work with have substantial reach but limited funds. Support the opportunity to catalyze Biblical generosity globally.

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